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Our Rental Policies

What is a rental period?
- Daily: rent for a 24 hour period with 8 hours meter usage
- 5 day week: pay for 3 days, keep for 5 days with up to 40 hours meter usage
- 7 day week: pay for 4 days, keep for 7 days with up to 56 hours meter usage
- Monthly: rent for four weeks with up to 160 hours meter usage

Rental Payments: 
- We accept cash, debit, and checks
- We accept Mastercard, Visa, and Discover

Delivery and Pickup:
- Delivery is available at reasonable rates and is required on certain equipment
- Some equipment have an optional delivery and set up fee including but not limited to the bouncers, dunking tank, dance floor, etc.
- Contract Grandpaw's Tool Shed Rental for pricing information

- Responsibility for rental equipment remains with the customer from the time it leaves to the time it returns to the rental business.
- All items should be secured and protected from theft. Additional charges for replacement are made for missing or damaged parts.
- If rental equipment fails, the customer must immediately discontinue use and call Grandpaw's Tool Shed Rental
- Gas powered rental equipment must be returned with a full tank of gasoline/diesel, additional fees apply if tank is returned not full.

-Deposits are required on all equipment rentals. The amount varies on each piece of equipment.

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