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How Many Outhouses do I Need?

In order to determine the number of Outhouses you will need you must ask yourself a few questions:

1) How long are you planning on using the outhouse?

2) How many people will be using the outhouse?

3) Remember its always safe to overestimate than to underestimate to ensure adequate restroom coverage and proper sanitation for your guests/workers.

At Grandpaw's Outhouse, to ensure proper sanitation we recommend one unit for every 10-15 people working 45 hours a week.

Our friendly staff would be more than happy to assist you in determining the correct number of outhouses you will need.

Here at Grandpaw's Outhouse, we will provide the following services:
      - assist in planning for the proper number of outhouse rentals
      - provide delivery and set-up of the outhouses if needed
      - provide all necessary outhouse waste disposal services
      - remove all portable restroom units

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